Shikō Shiatsu- Aceascop- located on 2nd floor of espace médico-social - 3 rue Mélusine- 86480 Rouillé -  07 65 58 47 97
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Like many of us, my aspirations change along Life's journey, it's been 5 years now that I'm preparing myself to this adventure to open my very own practice of different holistic and complementary methods. 

I have always used Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine), osteopathy, chiropractic, natural remedies, kinesiology and others as preventive methods. Those practices have always been very helpful to me and my family.

In this quest for well being and balance, I have searched for a long time what will suit me, talk to me. Finally after many encounters I stumped upon Shiatsu, and the spark lit itself. This is what I want to do in my life, meet others in a different way, combining both physical and spiritual aspects. A revelation. 

And what is wonderful, is that there is no end to learning, coming across other people is powerful and what we share make us grow. Shiatsu techniques are plentiful and I will continue to add to my tool box.

The human body is extremely complex and each person is unique, I sincerely believe that we are all capable of healing oneself. We just need to find the right combination of techniques and therapies that will enable us to nurture the  balance that our body and spirit needs. 

                                                        I hope to become part of your personal  tool box.

My zen shiatsu combines techniques from  Ohashi Senseï, Masunaga Senseï and Namikoshi Senseï....